Ernest Hartmann:  Selected  Papers to 2013


Hi, this is Dr. Ernest Hartmann. I have been asked repeatedly to make my work more accessible online. So here are some recent published papers, as well as a few unpublished talks in the form of Powerpoint presentations. They deal with dreaming, daydreaming, Boundaries in the Mind (Thick and Thin Boundaries) and some related topics. If you are interested especially in dreams, there is a lot of good material at If you have an important comment or question feel free to e-mail me  HERE

The Boundary Questionnaire.doc

(This is the 138 item questionnaire measuring thinness of boundaries, known as the “BQ”)

Boundaries in the Mind Past Research and Future Directions North Amer J Psychol

Boundaries Synopsis unpublished.doc

Boundaries and Dreams06.doc
Boundaries and peace.doc

LIFEGUIDE A Plan to Reduce Crime Child Abuse and Mental Illness 1995 unpublished.doc

The Nature and Functions of Dreaming in The New Science of Dreaming III (2008) 171to192.doc

Scoring Dreams for Contextualizing Images 2007.doc

A Systematic Change in Dreams After 9 11 01 SLEEP 2008.doc

The Boundary Continuum and the Focused Waking to Dreaming Continuum presented to NECSI 2007 powerpoint.ppt

The Central Image makes Big Dreams big 2008 Dreaming.doc

The Nightmare is the Most Useful Dream 1999

We Do Not Dream of the 3 Rs Implications for the Nature of Dreaming and Mentation 2000 Dreaming 10 103to111.doc

The Contemporary Theory of Dreaming 2006 to 2007 Powerpoint.ppt

Meteorite or Gemstone_.docx

Dreaming always makes new connections.docx

   in Sleep Medicine Clinics 5:241-248, 2010

   Dreaming, 20: 149-168, 2010

Ernest Hartmann, 50 years of Sleep and Dream Research  ( video for World Sleep Day March 2011)


This website contains my recent work on dreams, nightmares, and boundaries in the mind. I’ll try to update it regularly.

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